Rice University

Rice University Center for Civic Leadership

Roles and Responsibilities

Faculty Member

  • Spring course offering with identified international component
  • Trip design and execution
  • Student recruitment
  • Academic preparation foregrounding the trip and its goals
  • Partner outreach

Community Partner

  • Co-educator on social issue of relevance to the purpose of the trip

Center for Civic Leadership

  • Pre-trip and Post-trip curriculum, including opportunities for local engagement
  • Up to $5,000 in financial support towards the full cost of the trip
  • Financial aid to offset trip related expenses for qualifying students
  • Support associated with partner outreach and evaluation
  • Support for logistics, including accommodation, transportation, and food


  • Cost of passport, visas, vaccines, and other travel related personal expenses
  • Behavior in accordance with Rice University’s Code of Conduct
  • Enrollment in associated course and attendance at pre-trip and post-trip meetings