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Houston Policy Challenge Student Leadership

Program Overview

The Houston Policy Challenge (HPC) is an annual competition that enables Rice students to learn about and respond to a policy issue facing Houston leaders and residents. Participants work together in teams, learn about the policy issue through independent research and interaction with campus and community experts, and propose community-focused policy solutions to a judges' panel of local leaders.  The program is planned and executed by a team of three student coordinators under the guidance of CCL staff.  

The policy issue focus for HPC 2019-20 is CRIMINAL JUSTICE.

2019-20 HPC Coordinator Roles, Opportunties, and Responsibilities

  • learn deeply about criminal justice, including specific challenges, practices, and policies in the City of Houston and Harris County
  • engage directly with local leaders and stakeholders currently addressing criminal justice issues and polices in the Houston area 
  • introduce fellow students from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives to civic leadership through an engaged, community-focused approach to advocacy and public policy
  • plan and execute activities and events that will educate participants on the issue of criminal justice and prepare them to design and present their own policy proposals

HPC coordinator responsibilities begin in summer of 2019 and finish shortly after the competition event on February 26, 2020. 

*note: all summer 2019 responsibilities can be completed remotely, and do not require students to be in residence in Houston.

To learn more, contact Dr. Elizabeth Vann, evann@rice.edu