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How to Get Involved in the CCL

Hi! I'm Shawn Reagan, the Learn Level Advisor! Whether you are new to the CCL or looking to see what's next, we (the CCL staff) and our student ambassadors are excited to talk to you about all we have going on in the office. Click through the links to the left to find the best way for you to connect with us and we will follow up with you soon. 

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To give you a little more information about the CCL, we provide opportunities for students to get involved in several different ways, built around these six themes.

Please identify which themes interest you the most and we will reach out to you with more information about how you can get involved.

Advocacy and Activism: Educating and mobilizing self, peers, and community members to speak out and take action in support of populations affected by a particular injustice.

Community Engaged Learning: Working with community partners in the process of connecting academic coursework and research to develop a critical understanding of social issues.

Philanthropy: Engaging with a particular social issue to develop an understanding of the process and implications of responsibly funding social enterprises.

Policy and Governance: Learning the policy and governing processes at local, national, and/or international levels to identify leverage points for social change.

Research: Participating in advanced research and developing an understanding of the role and influence of research on the community and the policy making process.

Service: Working directly or indirectly with individuals, communities, and/or organizations to build capacity and address immediate needs.