Rice University

Rice University Center for Civic Leadership

Rice Student Volunteer Program

Who We Are:

Rice Student Volunteer Program (RSVP) is a student-led organization at Rice University advised by the Center for Civic Leadership. RSVP is committed to sustained and effective community engagement. 

As a student organization, RSVP is committed to understanding and meeting the needs of the community through direct and thoughtful action that simultaneously increases the capacity, knowledge, and engagement of the student body at Rice University.

As student leaders, we adhere to our commitment through the formation of sincere community relationships that enable us to raise awareness with our peers, educate the student body at Rice, and mobilize students to work with our community partners to create positive change.

For more information, please visit rsvp.rice.edu


What We Do:

The Rice Student Volunteer Program (RSVP) strives to develop and promote methods of sustainable service throughout the service community at Rice University. RSVP encourages service organizations to engage in practices that best contribute to the community and ensure that student service organizations place the interests of the community before their own interests.

The Rice Student Volunteer Program (RSVP) strives to promote and teach the concepts of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) to the greater service culture present at Rice University. RSVP encourages service organizations to learn about the assets in their target service communities. By doing so, RSVP and other service organizations shall work to foster community development and empower communities through their service.

The Rice Student Volunteer Program (RSVP) collaborates with student service organization leadership to ensure that RSVP consistently strives to create a positive service environment at Rice University.

The Rice Student Volunteer Program (RSVP) works in tandem with the Center for Civic Leadership to ensure that service at Rice University continues to be sustainable and beneficial to the Houston community.



All currently enrolled undergraduate Rice University students shall be given the opportunity to volunteer with RSVP and become active members.

Membership Eligibility:

Only student members who are not on Disciplinary Probation or otherwise prohibited from holding office in a registered student organization shall be eligible to seek and hold office.